Like the wind on a motorbike, through the karstic scenery of Central Laos

After Emilie and I met back in Thakek, we mounted a motorbike to ride through the light green ricefields entrapped between high karstic cliffs covered with dark jungle. We loved the authentic smiles and shy waves of young children, the amazing caves sometimes drowned into milky coffee colored water, the slalom between cows and goats wandering on roads. Special credit for the huge scorpion and leechers (and the swarm of tiger-striped mosquitos) we encountered on a small trek into the jungle.
What an adventure!
Tomorrow: we leave Laos to Vietnam.

Delighted with the peacefulness and beauty of Southern Laos

After a challenging border crossing, I dive into the calm and slow Laos. “Holidays” again? Not 100% certain, but relaxing times for sure. World largest waterfall, bicycling on one of the 4000 islands in middle of the Mekong river, meeting the history of the old king capital and the friendly local children in Champasak. Then I went to discover wild areas up on the Bolaven Plateau and its amazing waterfalls.
Now: long journey to the Central Laos city of Thakhek!

Already the end of such an interesting and engaging project

Two weeks only in Cambodia. I liked to compare my souvenirs to the changed lifestyle of the city and people, try again the same restaurants and be surprised by the rapidity of ever growing new venues.
And most of all, I loved to be part of the team that is starting new activities in energy efficiency and environmental performances in the country. Such a huge work still to accomplish, but very promising and interesting.
Now, I’m on my journey to Laos, and am ready to get back to the traveller lifestyle and rythm.